Happily Ever After

I have come up with a brilliant plan. Well, really…my friend started doing it for her daughter and I copied her brilliant plan. But it’s working, so I came up with a plan that brilliantly works for me.

My daughter slept with me every night for the first sixteen months of her life. Once she was out of her crib, at age three, she came in to my room every night of her life. I haven’t slept more than four hours straight in over four years…until this past weekend.

I told my daughter that she would find a letter from her fairy godmother in her room if she slept the whole night in her bed. It worked! Of course, the first morning after she listened as I read the letter to her, she asked, “Did you write this, mama?” This morning (Morning #5) she asked, “Did you draw this princess, mama?”

So today also marks Morning #5 of Pattern of Deceit. Whatever it takes. I slept eight hours straight Saturday night. EIGHT. HOURS. Let the lying continue.

So, here I will document my life with my precious angel (who I am deceiving on a daily basis). My original blog at http://whowhatwhenwhereandsometimeswhy.blogspot.com will fill you in on the past. Here, you will discover our future. Unless of course, you read it the day after I post, then it is our past. You get it.

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