My Ear Hurts

Three words no mother ever wants to hear. Immediately following: panic. Is it an ear infection? Did she just sleep on it in weird way? Does her throat hurt? Will I have to take her to the doctor? Will it end up not really getting bad until after the doctor is closed? Will I have to leave work? And down, down, down the spiraling Tunnel of Worry.

My other least favorite phrase is: My belly hurts. I especially dislike hearing this phrase in the car. Will she vomit? When? I don’t have extra clothes for her. Should we turn around for home now? Is there a short cut? Why is there so much freaking traffic?!?

This was my yesterday. Too much starting and stopping led to a very car sick child. She unfortunately comes by this honestly. She got sick and cried, “Oh, no! My beautiful dress!” Such a feeling of helplessness when you’re driving and your child is hurling all over herself in her car seat. If I had a nickel for how many times I’ve had to strip her down and dismantle the car seat cover, both of which were covered in last night’s/that morning’s breakfast…I’d have a lot of nickels.

So, I will work through my day hoping the phone doesn’t ring for me to pick her up at school. Or hoping it does ring, so I am not in the emergency room tonight. This is how it goes.

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