Well, something I didn’t take into account with the fairy godmother notes. Um…when do they end? Will I be writing them until she is 18 years old? I need to play this out perfectly. I can’t abruptly stop writing to my daughter. There has to be a good reason that the notes will stop.

Because, we’ve crossed over into a weird area.

I’m now using the notes as a way to get my child to do whatever I want her to do. The past couple of nights, she has been a tad bossy. Maybe it’s because of the weekend. She is mommied constantly. We live in an apartment building and I am worried she will bother the other residents. Of course, the woman above me sounds like she’s power lifting. I’ve decided that she has a recliner and it gives her trouble when she returns the foot rest. I decided this after three weeks of she’s dead….

Last night’s note was something about being a good girl and be nice to your mommy, she loves you very much and don’t be so bossy which is kind of bossy, isn’t it? Wonder where she gets it?

There is a rather creepy game she likes to play. I am the evil step-mother and she is Cinderella. She tells me to tell her to clean her room. I say, “Clean this room! Put away those clothes! Make your bed!” and she does. And it’s spotless. It’s wrong, I know it is. But it was her idea!

Another game we used to play when we were little was Restaurant. I was Flo and she was the cook. Man. Flo got shit done. I talked like Flo from Alice, not that my daughter would know that, of course. The look on her face the first time I did it was priceless. It was as if mommy disappeared and this other woman showed up. It was half frightening/half hilarious.

So, I can’t keep writing letters just so I can get her to do things, can I? I mean…really.



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