I blame all  many some plenty of my daughter’s idiosyncratic “things” on the fact that she is a Leo. Some people think it’s hooey. I think not. But I won’t label her to her face. I’ll save that for other opportunities to drive people crazy with non-stop mommy talk at social gatherings and other arenas where no one wants to hear such things, because really…if it’s a story about your child, no one wants to hear it.

We went to a local farm on Sunday. I haven’t had the opportunity to do anything fun like that with my daughter, just the two of us, in a very long time. It was an absolutely beautiful day.

I couldn’t get her to ride the ponies. First she said ‘no,’ and then she said ‘yes’ when she saw her two buddies were going to ride. So we went in, paid, she refused to get on the horse (“You get on, mommy.” Oh yeah.), got our money back, waited outside the ring, missed all the fun.

I tell her more often than not “You’re missing out on so much fun stuff, Huddy. You just have to try it.” And she never does. I am starting to accept the fact that if I suggest it, it will never happen. Because later in the day, she said she wanted some corn to feed the goats. And after paying 50 cents for a plastic ramekin of kernels, she did it. SHE ACTUALLY LET A GOAT EAT OUT OF HER HAND. This is the kid who ran from a fireman after he saw her eyeing his truck and offered to let her play inside. The same kid who yells, “MOM! Where are you?” when I walk out of the living room and into the kitchen.

I could go on and on and list all the things she has not done. You would tire from reading the forty page list. But the real news is that she did something I never thought she would do in a million years. And I’m sure it’s all part of her plan just to keep me guessing.

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