Move along. Move along. Nothing to see here.

In short four years, I have watched my daughter become a very independent thinker. She wants to do everything by herself. “I do it, mama.” That was pretty much all she said when she was 2 years old. “I can do it by myself.” That was all she said when she was 3 years old. “I can do it, mom. I am a four year old. I know these things.” This is where I am now.

Trust me, most of those remarks are met with me saying, “I know you can do it. We’re in a hurry! Let mommy help you!” or “No, you can’t drive the car,” etc. Some things have to be learned the hard way. Sometimes mommy is right and other times…not so much.

I took Huddy to buy her new shoes (probably the fifth pair she’s gotten this year already, and by fifth, I mean tenth). One of her favorite things to do is ride the escalator. Of course it is. She is actually better and getting on and off an escalator than I am. I have issues with depth perception. And I saw a horrific thing happen on an escalator once and I may have some deeply set fear.

Anyway, we were heading toward the up escalator and I was carrying Huddy’s doll, coffee drink, my coffee, my purse and her coat. Huddy, of course, ran in front of me to go first. Only, instead of getting right on, as usual, she pulled a Will Ferrell from Elf and had one leg down and one leg going up up UP. She ended up sitting down and said, “Help me!”

My hands were full and the only thing I could do was pick her up with my foot. Just then I heard two women behind me stop talking. Huddy was totally fine. She was a little shaken. I said, “When we get off up here I’ll check your leg.”

I helped her off best I could and told her to sit on the ground. She pulled her pant leg up and there wasn’t a scratch or anything to worry about. I said, “Next time, let mommy help you.” Just then the two women, both in their late forties/early fifties, from behind us came around and asked Huddy, “Are you okay, sweetie?” and then they gave me the most hideous look. I said, “Well, she likes to do everything by herself and doesn’t always listen to her mommy.”And they walked away, judging me all the while.

I really wanted to yell after them: “Mind your own damn business!” I know they were being nice, but seriously…if they thought she was being abused they didn’t wait around to actually help her. I wanted to say, “Are you trying to tell me your children never made a complete ass of you in public? I mean, that’s like their job for life.” And after they acted like they had no clue what I was talking about, I would’ve said, “Liars.”

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