Welcome, Fall (and All the All)!

It’s that time of year…! My favorite time of year, though winter is my favorite season. Fall is the foreplay. My closet is much more suited to colder weather. I love sweaters, and layering, and a lovely pashmina scarf. I also love soups.

In an attempt to not send my child to soccer practice on a full stomach, I had the brilliant idea to get out my crock pot. What the heck has it been doing in the cabinet all this time? Seriously, man. Make yourself known.

Last Wednesday, I made pork tenderloin (which she devoured, and had enough time to digest before she went off running for two hours). This week, I’m thinking some type of chicken soup with vegetables, and the leftover garlic cheddar biscuits I made for dinner last night (if they make it that long).

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