Grow Your Own Way

Where has the time gone?
Such a cliche, but it has to be said.
Over three years since my last post.
I’m certain all bloggers go through this.
Especially single mother bloggers.

You get stuck in a pattern. Maybe not a great one. Sometimes you don’t cook at all. There are times when you don’t even eat dinner. You stand in the aisles of the grocery wondering how the hell you’ve managed to keep yourself and your child alive this long. What the heck do we even eat?!?

Every day starts to feel the same.
The days get busier. Your children grow up. Suddenly, you’re cooking the same things over and over again. You buy cookbooks and then think about the grocery bill you’d rack up cooking all that stuff. It’s a little harder when you have to pack lunch for your kid, and yourself, every day (for the rest of your lives). You start to get tired of things, and there’s already so much you can’t eat. Some days, I dream about running up and down all the aisles at the grocery just shoveling a bunch of crap into the cart. It’s glorious.

Today, I ate cereal for breakfast when I should’ve been having lunch. It was delicious, smothered in organic strawberries and blueberries. I had a cup of decaf coffee and found a new recipe on Instagram for chicken thighs, green beans, and tomatoes in pesto.

So, that’s dinner.

Sometimes we eat out. Sometimes we eat at a friend’s. Sometimes we stand in the kitchen and eat chips and salsa for dinner. Other days, my daughter’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner last all day long. She’s a big fan of second lunch, and second dinner. We’re still alive (thankfully). As long as we’re eating. And growing.

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